My Favorite Season

Every year I look forward to the end of summer. Why you ask? Because that means summer is done and my favorite season is here; Autumn! Leaves changing, the weather getting cooler, and the festive seasons have begun! So to start off my favorite season I decided to do another love of mine and mark it with replikating!

I am wearing a cozy sweater from Target. My sweater is from the collection A New Day: in the color cream. It’s a perfect replicate for the Temperley London shirt that Kate Middleton wore to a radio interview. And the best part about this sweater is that instead of spending lots of money, you can own the cosy chic sweater for only $24.99!

I paired my sweater with a black tank top underneath (you can’t even tell I have it on; so don’t always think you can’t wear dark under light!) and some dark blue skinny jeans. For my accessories I finished it off with black ankle booties also from target; my apple watch; and to add a pop of color my Micheal Kors purse.

The look was effortless and chic ready for day to night!


Now I decided to add a little more color in my outfit, so I did with my eyes. My eyes and my hair I will say are MY biggest vanity. People always tell me that I have big eyes and I do. But because I do I can change the shape of them at will with the help of my make-up. I recently purchased the Anastasia Renaissance Palette from Sephora and have been dying to try it! It finished the look off perfectly and I was beyond happy with the results!!!

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