Summer Wedding

Every summer brings the heat. And if you live live in Florida you can bet your bottoms that it’ll be really hot! So then that begs the question: what do you where to a wedding? Now if your thinking a maxi dress-they’re pretty, chic and light weight, I won’t disagree with you. The only problem is, that I’m not a fan of maxi dresses. I mean if the wedding is on the beach, then yeah you’ll probably catch me in one, but if I don’t have to wear one I won’t. So if your like me and don’t love the maxi trend, let me give you an inspiration of what you could wear to a wedding on a hot summer day without dying of heat!

I decided on this Michael Kors Navy dress with white poka dots that I already had in my closet. Its actually a really light weight material. Looking at it though you couldn’t tell. Since the fabric is really light and the arm panels sheer, any air blowing will give you a reprieve from the heat!

I decided to pair the dress with one of my all time favorite pair of shoes. The J. Crew Avery Tassel Heels. Now if you’re a royal watcher they probably look familiar to you ; ) The shoes are plaid so they add the pop of color that you should always have with any outfit.

Weddings are also the perfect time to pamper yourself a little bit. I have LONG THICK hair so I hate doing it most of the time. (My arms get tired, don’t judge me lol) I knew that I wanted it half up so I made an appointment at the salon. My stylist Jessica is always amazing. She’s the only one I trust with my hair! She adds a little massage while washing my hair; gives me a trim, and gave me a super cute do for the wedding.

Accessories can make or break and outfit so you want to make sure you get the balance just right. I knew that my shoes were going to be my pop of color and my hair was the wow factor to the look so I went very subtle with my extras. I for went a necklace and wore my sapphire diamond encrusted earrings and matching ring. (a little extra there for my lovely royal watchers!) To complete the outfit I finished my look with a chic black clutch.


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