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So I’m sure that if you’re a girl you’ve heard the saying ‘every girl loves pink’ am I right? Wrong. I mean don’t get me wrong I do like pink! I adore it, I just don’t gravitate toward it. I’m a blue girl lol. I love the color blue! Thought I’d make that clear in case you couldn’t tell by my previous post lol.  Now on this day I don’t know what happened haha. I honestly didn’t even realize that I had chosen to wear all pink. I’m not gonna lie, I was beyond feeling this outfit! I think the fact that it was a more of a pastel pink than a bright right in your face pink that made me love it more. So on this day I was feeling very BoHo inspired. Now I love BoHo. I love how its all relaxed and looks great on everyone. Only problem was I don’t really like BoHo on me. I just don’t think it works out well for me 99.9% of the time. I have nothing in my wardrobe that could even be put together to resemble it. Lucky for me I had gone shopping the other day and fell head over heels in love with this off the shoulders shirt from Torrid.


The off the shoulder part of it is really stretchy so it makes it really comfy to wear. The bottom of the shirt hangs straight down so if the wind catches it the material will sway slightly in the wind. Who doesn’t love that?! The part that I like is that it gives a see through appearance but under the flowy (<-totally not a word lol) material of the shirt there is a built in undershirt thats non seeable. Saves you the trouble of finding an off the shoulder undershirt! Although you definitely could have gone with a strapless one, but lets be real, nobody likes strapless. Especially the girls!

img_3716 img_3715

The shirt has a very soft pattern of half ying and yang signs. The more rounded parts of those are actualy made into small flowers. Super cute! The patterns are also a combination of both dark and light grey colors. The soft pastel pink is you can say almost ‘splashed’ on all over the shirt. The sleeves has to be one of my favorite parts though. They’re just super “puffed” out is how I would describe it. It gives your arms a slimming effect when resting and a beautiful bell shape whenever you lift your arms.

(I posted two pictures of the shirts with two different lightings, just because I feel you can see the details better in the brighter lighting vs more of the shape in the lower lighting. It could just be me but some of you lovelies could feel the same so I always want to offer that option)

img_3728For my hair I literally just separated my hair starting at my eyebrows all the way around and pulled it into a high ponytail. I do this first then tease sections of that ponytail then twist it into a loose bun. I then secure it with as many bobby pins as needed. Some of you may be wondering why I was teasing my hair and its simple. When you tease your hair it gives it volume and the illusion that you have more thicker hair. I do have thick hair but when I’m only putting half up that thickness get cut in half so I’m just trying to make up for the rest of my hair that I didn’t put up. As for my make up I feel that for BoHo less is more. So I only out on my foundation, Estee Lauder Double Wear. I didn’t put any eyeshadow just eyeliner and a small sweep of massacre. I really wanted my lips to be the main focus of my face look. To achieve that I used the Kylie Cosmetics lip kit. I used the Candy K lip kit. I used the lip liner to obviously line my lips but then I color in around the outline before actually using the actual lip color. I like to pat it dry with my fingers to make sure its on dry and to remover any excess product that I really wouldn’t need.


img_3727For accessories I kept it simple there too. I just wore a tri light pink flower necklace that I got at H&M. And a new clutch that I had just gotten as a present. Funny story about that clutch, which I’m obsessed with! My manager actually got me that present because she is one of the BEST managers EVER!!! In case you can’t read it, it says “Sorry I’m late I didn’t want to come” which if anyone knows me is the struggle I fight with all time!!! And just to top it off I roll on a bit of my Nest Citrine perfume. I got it as a sample when I was shopping at Sephora and just fell in love with it. I has a nice sweet smell to it but its not overly sweet. I suggest everyone go smell it!



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Hope you enjoyed this read. Any comments/question are welcomed and encouraged!!!

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