Tied in a Pretty Blue Bow

On January 11, 2013 the first official portrait of HRH Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge was released to the public.  Paul Emsley was commissioned to paint the Duchess after being selected from a shortlist by Catherine herself. We can see very little of her outfit, being only that the top of her shirt is available for us to see. From what we can tell at first glance is that Kate is wearing a dark navy shirt with what looks like chiffon panels along the neckline that tie into a bow.

The actual shirt Kate wore

The actual shirt Kate wore

We can also tell that if you look closely you can see that Kate is in fact wearing two different shirts. She can be seen wearing a dark navy long sleeved shirt under a sleeveless dark navy shirt. Which makes me think that the top shirt is all chiffon or of a similar material that makes it see through.









I actually wasn’t looking to replikate this look when I was shopping. I was actually in Walmart getting some quick food supplies when I though to myself ‘let me waste some more of my time and see some clothes’ lol.  Walking up and down the aisle I noticed this really pretty navy see through mesh shirt. You know, the fabric that you need to wear a something underneath. When I got close enough to it I realized that it would make a great replikate for the top shirt that Kate wore in her portrait. It even have the two front panels along the neckline to tie into a bow. Looking at it I thought that the color might be off; it appeared way too bright of a navy than the one on Kate. But thats why its a replikate!! Turns out when you have it on, its the perfect navy like the one on Kate.

I added two pictures of the shirt just because I felt you could really see different details of the shirt through different lighting.




I was going out of town to New Orleans (my first visit there!!) with my best friend soon and from what people wear telling me its a really dry sticky heat. It totally was, so if someone tells you that BELIEVE them! So I decided that I would finally get to wear my blue bow shirt as I fondly call it. Now because we can’t see how Kate paired her shirt(s) I had to take styling liberty with my outfit. I decided to somewhat dress my outfit down. I was going to be doing a lot of walking in the heat in this outfit. And to top it off my friend and I had decided that we were just going to keep what we had on for the night life and not go back to our hotels and change.


As you can see I decided to wear dark navy jeans with my Sebago Bala shoes (another replikate) and a light brown small bag. This is a great go to purse, you can wear it on the shoulder as I am in the pictures. But you can also cross body it which I did during the night life part of my trip. (much harder to steal that way, NOT saying that someone tried, but I’m totally ready in case someone tried lol) I decided to wear my Bala shoes because like I said earlier I was going to be doing a lot of walking. These are Kate’s and now mine go to shoes. They are SUPER comfy and stylish!! They go great with just about everything I wear. My navy replikate shirt is kinda long, it ends just beneath my bottom. I creates a chic comfy style that I wear on a daily so I loved it. I just noticed that in both pictures I am covering the bow part so I am sooo sorry you can’t see it!! It really is cute! On the drive to New Orleans I had my hair in a bun so I just took it down to give it so body and movement to it. Yes it is supposed to look like that haha. As for make it I decided to go for a more relaxed natural look. The only heaviness I added was around my eyes.img_3731

Over all I had a great time on my first trip to New Orleans with my best friend. I can’t wait for the next time I go back! And I loved how my replikate outfit turned out so much. I’m sure Kate would approve!!! It was effortless and chic. Transition perfectly from day to night. And the most important part was that I was comfortable in it!!

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