Diamonds All Over



It was a perfect day to be out and about. The sun was shining down, the wind was light and breezy, and the urge to replikate was strong lol! The only logical anwser was to go to the docks. The only question remained was which replication was I going to wear today!? The answer: Diane von Furstenberg and Stewart Weitzman.

I ended up going with my Diane von Furstenberg ‘Patrice’ dress and Stuart Weitzman Corkswoon wedges. The Patrice dress is white all over with blue diamonds placed in a nice, well diamond design. With a long sash the wraps around the middle twice before tying in a knot a the side of your body. Which entails the the DVF famous wrap dress legacy. The Patrice wrap dressed retailed at $325. Yes retailed because the the brand no longer sells this particular wrap dress anymore unfortunately. It only stayed in stock a short couple of month after Kate was seen wearing it for the first and so far only time on the Royal Tour of Australia in 2014.







Luckily for me I got the dress before the brand decided to not sell it any more! And even better I got it absolutely for free! It was actually chosen for just for me by the actually designer herself: Diane von Furstenberg! She even sent me a sweet letter handwritten, which I’m not going to post because its something I treasure and want to keep private!




When I opened my package I screamed because I knew Diane was sending me one of her famous wrap dresses but I had no clue that it would be the one that Kate had wore on her royal tour down under. The fabric of the dress is actually pretty thin and light. Because of this the material moves pretty easily, whither you’re moving or standing still. The slightest breeze with sway it around. The top of the dress was also interesting to me. When you have it on, I will say the if you are busty in that area you feel a bit exposed and when you look down you look as if you are exposed. My friend who was my photographer for the day though kept assuring me that I was decent at all times. Judging from the pictures it sure looks that way too. Thats why I find it interesting; because to the wearer who is slightly, but not much bigger than Kate in the top department it feels and seems different than how it turns out in the actually pictures.

I’m not going to discuss the Stewart Weitzman Corkswoon wedges because I’ve already talked about them in my last post. So it you haven’t read that and would like to know about them check out my post ‘Blue Kinda Day’ and hopefully you’ll get all the information you need from it!

Over all its a great outfit to be out on the docks or just taking a stroll around a park. Very light weight with lots of movement. You won’t get too hot and sweaty so thats a plus!! If you have any other question or comments go ahead and leave them in the comment section for me to see! And don’t forget to follow me on social media. Just click on the social media icons below and it’ll redirect you to my pages! Until next time lovelies!!




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